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Anime Expo

Posted on 06 September 2016

anime expo is always a fun place to go to every year, and this year was ultra exciting because it was our first year in the dealers hall. it made us really happy to be able to share a space with two other exciting artist brands, punimelt, and MIQ



we incorporated raw plywood, concrete, and a leafy plant because it really reminded us of pop-up shops that we had encountered in LA. we know our time here is just temporary, but we still want it to feel comfortable. 
we were able to release a bunch of new designs this year as well.
everyone who stopped by, thank you for your support!
lastly, we also visited a music event where some friends were participating in. it’s so exciting to see everyone getting together and creating together. I want to get along with everyone as much as possible.
we’ll be coming back the following year too, so please look for us next year as well!

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