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ITAIKO (painful child)

Posted on 01 September 2016

ITAIKO (painful child)

This collection explores (feminine) dissonance between actions that may be inconsistent with one another. Those living day-to-day generally prioritize happiness, but being able to feel good require sacrifice. Continued feel-good is unsustainable and leads to the deterioration of functioning well over time. Tears, bandages, and wounds are openly worn to signify the reaction to repeated encounters with things that are painful. Vulnerability is partially a self-generated ability, and can be further manipulated to become a superficial and cyclical reality. Directly situated within a placating environment, it’s made to appear as if everything is peaceful.

  • 2016 ITAIKO T shirt
  • 2016 ITAIKO ZINE washi tape
  • 2016 ITAIKO (painful child) 16 page illustrative zine
  • 2015 ITAIKO washi tape

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