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MUSHI (bug)

Posted on 01 September 2016

MUSHI (bug)

In mushibon, coming in contact with stimuli (external or self-directed) manifests in a physical manner, whether as manipulations in form or vermin. e “view of the girl from the perspective of a man”, yet defined by girls is an outlet for girls to engage and express an erotic vantage and outrage in a non-traditional/sexually satisfying way. This reinterprets the purpose of subject matter seen as abusive or perverse often assigned by male interest. It positions that viewpoint as undesirable in a redistribution of focus. Stylistically, this book references horror manga as a genre that has gained sexual associations in addition to its literal reading of discomfort.

  • 2016 MUSHI I, MUSHI II T shirts
  • 2016 MUSHI limited bucket hat
  • 2015 MUSHI & MUSHI ZINE washi tape
  • 2014 MUSHIBON (bug book) 16 page illustrative zine

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