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'16 Boxing Day Donation

Posted on 25 December 2016

Happy Holidays from FANGRRLZ! 

We are so grateful for everyone's support this past year and the continued love and support for all of our projects. That is why we've come to have a bit of left over stock for our first Boxing week sale! Everything online will have free shipping when the code BOX16 is used at checkout. In addition to free shipping, we will also be donating a portion of each order to a very personally important initiative.

As some may know, Fangrrlz is based in Canada however we travel and conduct ourselves over the years in U.S.A and it deeply saddened us to hear of anonymous users on 4Chan expressing successfully targeting and shutting down other DIY venues* in the name of extreme American right-wing politics... 

With news like this that just hits so close to home, we have decided to donate 10% of every order towards Safer Spaces. 


What is Safer Spaces?

"safer spaces is an attempt to organize for and with those wanting to respond to tragedy with 
care. while we weep for those lost in Oakland, we are concerned about the endangerment & danger of the spaces in which underground DIY culture exists nationally. we believe that by organizing collective local and national efforts, we can see these communities flourish and see to it that this never happens again."

 Learn more at http://saferspac.es/ A crowd-sourced platform offering resources on building services, project assistance, legal assistance and resources for those impacted by Ghost Ship Fire.

It is frustrating and devastating to hear of how many creatives were lost in the Oakland fire and the closure of several DIY spaces across America following it. These spaces are often underfunded and are easy targets legally for safety hazards, however they are often the most beloved gathering places for many to converse and create communities within. We hope that our contributions will provide a bit of relief and that more people will be able to take part to help the DIY community.

We wish everyone the best for 2017 <3

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